This will be a short one as not much to report.

The internet went out wednesday morning. They came to fix it today, but reset my router, like a hard reset and screwed it all up. Now I need to go buy a new router to install all over and set up all our devices to the new router. That’s a good 70$ we dont need to be spending.

Oliver is still having some health issues but the meds are helping a little. Hes still fighting the panic attacks but we are getting the blood pressure under control.

Opal is still not her self and only eats if I cook chicken for her. So As soon as the vet opens back up I’ll get her in there.

I’m not doing the best but I dont have time to be off I gotta be nurse, mommy, wife, chef, etc…. I’m not complaining. I love my family but I need a break.

Ok…that’s all for now.

Until next time

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