Blog post 124

Wow did I wake up with the worst pain in my chest ever. Right in the sternum!! I slept funky on my side and the position, while comfy at the time, put my sternum in a very unpleasant predicament. It’s ok now unless I take a deep breath or use my arm muscles too much but damn did it hurt when I woke up.

Opal is still not eating her food. So today I’m going to cook her a nice big chicken breast and some white rice. It’s usually her favorite, but if that doesnt work I’ll have oliver make her a burger. Shes still swollen in her groin which could be where she has lymph nodes so maybe not cancer.

Usually this area is flat and not red.

I’ll be calling the vet again if she doesnt eat today.

Ollie’s schooling has changed to a different format this week and at first I thought it was horrible, but now I have the hang of it and find it easier then before.

Ophion finally started again yesterday after 2 weeks off for me to get accustom to Ollie’s work. So most of my day is spent on homework cuz I do the work with each separately.

Yesterday I talked to MML again her kids start digital learning today and it will be a shitshow. I’m gonna keep my phone charged as much as possible in case I’m needed for help.

Still upset my mom cant come out but it is what it is and I gotta accept it.

I just had a “bad things gonna happen” thought so before a panic attack comes I’m gonna get off here and take my meds.

Until next time

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