It has begun

Blog post 110!

All the schools in the surrounding towns had closed but ours were holding strong….then it happened

Ugh! People, calm down!

Anyway today I got a bit done in the house. Cleaned the counter, the table, and got 2 loads of dishes done. I need one week of people not eating or changing clothes in the house so I can catch up on everything but of course the covid19 BS has everyone in the house more.

My father in law is ill. He thought it was his blood sugar being to low he was dizzy sweaty shaky weak etc… so he took his sugar and it was 240 which is high for him, very high. I got him situated and kept checking on him. After a while he developed tightness in his chest then upset stomach. I wanted him to call his dr but his stubborn old italian ass refused. He sleep most of the day only waking when I purposely woke him to make sure he was ok. He had a fruit cup to eat and Around 830 he got a second wind felt like his strength was back and was doing fine no Ill feelings but he checked his sugar and it was like 400!! Hes still not feeling well though I can tell and Now he is resting again trying to sleep it off I guess. I hope.

Apparently Tom Hanks and his wife have tested positive for coronavirus and are stuck in an Australia hospital, I hope their health returns quickly.

Well I should go check on my father in law so I’ll leave this here, but may pick it up later

Until next time.

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