Holy naptime

Blog post 109

Today was a fast paced day. I got Ollie to the bus (8:10) came home and fell back to sleep. Hubby woke me up around 11:30 so we could go eat and grocery shop before Ollie got home from school (3:30)

We left the house after 12 and decided to go to Burger King for lunch. We had our lunch then headed off to walmart which was a madhouse and had many empty shelves. The big things missing we noticed were hand sanitizers, hand soaps, water, toilet paper, children’s medicine and RAMEN NOODLES. Thank you covid19 panic shoppers, you suck.

Quarantine for this virus is 14 days…..exactly how much of this stuff do you honestly think you’ll go through in 2 weeks?!? Leave some for the people who arent panicking but need these items for their everyday shopping.

Last I looked NJ was up to 15 cases of covid19, not 150,000! Calm down!

So at walmart I came across a certain thing. Now this is something I said I would never buy because nothing can compare to my sisters version, and that would be, snickerdoodles. I caved because they were really soft and I’ve been craving them but she lives a few states away. Cant lie the walmart version are pretty decent and surprisingly fresh.

I made grilled cheese sandwiches after Ollie got out of school and then mac n cheese for dinner. I did homework with Ophion which didnt go well because he was trying to watch videos with hubby on his phone and was easily distracted by the tv and stuff since hubby was in the livingroom where we were working on everything.

Everyone is down for bed so I think I’ll end here and go cuddle with Oliver for a while before calling it a night.

Until next time

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