Sense of accomplishment

Blog post 108

Today is a good day. I’ve actually been getting a few things crossed off the to do list. First I got Ollie off to the bus stop, then came home and made breakfast for the hubby and I. (Ophion has his own schedule with his pop pop in the morning.) Hubby left to go play golf again, yay for 70⁰ weather, while I started school with Ophion. Once that was done I started a load of laundry then headed outside with Opal while I cleaned the backyard of her business.

It may not seem like a lot but for me it is.

I keep forgetting to take my meds….I have a dosage reminder on my phone but it’s not helping lately. It always goes off at the wrong time. I mean it’s the time I set it for when I originally set it but it’s just not fitting my schedule right now. I should adjust it when I get done with this post.

Its 2PM and I think I should make some mac n cheese so Ollie can have it after school before we go to the bowling alley. Oooooo speaking of bowling alley, I found my laptop so I may make another post tonight or just catch up a bit on my lil brothers fan fiction. Either way I’m glad I found it…in my computer bag…where I had it last…and barely thought to check till last night.

Ok off to make mac n cheese

Until next time

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