….he ate how much?!?

Blog post 107

A Headache kicked my ass today. I was down most of the day. I tried watching a couple movies and fell asleep during all of them.

Hubby went to work this morning then golfed this afternoon. He came home starving and this is how I know I have to put a stop to the way he is eating. He got home for dinner and had 2 porkchops and mashed potatoes, then proceeds to make and eat 2 ham sandwiches, then a pack of cupcakes. 10 minutes later he was asking if we should order pizza?!?!? Luckily he fell asleep in the living room and will hopefully stay there till I send him to bed.

He said how he wants to get this surgery with me but yet hes eating like this?!? He definitely wont make it with his current eating habits. Tomorrow I try to change it all.

Covid19 has some nearby schools taking half days and adjusting their schedules already…I am baffled by this considering in dec and Jan we had some like 400 people call out of these schools for strep and no one worried about doing anything then, but our state gets 6 cases and it’s all of a sudden an emergency?!? Give me a small to medium sized break, please!

Ok well hubby is snoring in my ear and I need to send him to bed.

Until next time

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