Doo bee doo bee doo

Blog post 105

Ok not much to report since this morning. I watched tv with Ophion, caught up on a couple shows, made the meat loaf, went to bowling with Ollie, cooked hot open face turkey sandwiches for dinner, cuddled with the hubby (who is now passed out snoring in my ear) and now waiting this while catching up on youtube videos.

Hubby works tomorrow so I’ll try to clean up the rooms I keep neglecting. I make no promises though.

So can we talk about covid19 and how crazy ridiculous this is becoming. This is a letter I received today from Ollie’s school

It is ridiculous that there is so much panic going on regarding this I even heard conspiracies that the government made this strain to help get the population down. Omg stfu!!

This is the humor needed for covid19

Ok, I dont have much else to go over tonight so I’ll end here…..until next time.

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