Another day, another bowling alley

Its thursday and surprise surprise I’m at another bowling alley.

Let’s see….what went on today….?? Oliver went to work, I Took Ollie to the bus, I did school with Ophion, watched a little tv with him, took a nap, I cleaned a bit and did a load of laundry, watched some tv, got Ollie off the bus and then came here. That was literally my whole day wrapped up in a cute little nutshell.

I got a text from Ollie’s teacher about him not doing his homework. He swears he never has any but that’s been a big lie. Not surprising though that was my deal in school at his age. I’ve arranged with his teacher to have her sign off on his planner each day so I know when he has homework.

Apparently I need to work with Ollie on spelling. I guess it’s his weakest subject….so bad so that his last test he got a 27%. Yikes. I hate that I wasnt aware of this sooner. When I was a kid the teachers contacted parents and sent past work home to be evaluated and studied they dont do that anymore. Looks like I’ll be getting Ollie a supplemental spelling workbook and additional tests at home….almost like tutoring/homeschooling for one subject. Hes going to hate it even though hes been asking to be homeschooled for some time now.

Tomorrow I have to cook porkchops and a meatloaf so the meat doesnt go bad. I was originally going to make one tonight and the other tomorrow but I came to the bowling alley instead.

Oliver has already had 2 or 3 beers and hes just started bowling. Luckily he has to drive pretty far to get us home so he shouldnt drink too much tonight.

Ollie finished his homework, well at least whatever he brought home tonight, so I’m letting him bowl a few games. There’s no oil on the lane so hes mad and bowling like shit cuz he cant make the adjustments necessary.

Well all I think that’s about it for tonight… until next time.

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