Blog post 104

Today is friday which means fun school stuff with Ophion, bowling for Ollie, and a sense of constant motion. I never feel like I get a break even though I get plenty. I just want 2 days to just sleep as I want, no interruptions, no having to do stuff for everyone else, just sleep. I feel like then I would be caught up and all would be right in the world.

Today I have to cook a meatloaf and cook one batch of porkchops. I’ll also freeze a second batch. I may make a batch of sugar cookies as well, but idk. I’m not a baker…at all. I can cook for the most part but baking I ruin…like obliterate.

I have laundry and dishes to catch up on cuz for some reason I cant stay on top of them, and I have a plan to get my room and the bathroom clean today, but my plans rarely pan out as planned.

It’s getting late in the morning I should start getting ready to get Ollie to the bus…..I’ll end this here but I’ll be back later.

Until next time

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