No such luck.

Was not able to locate the laptop. Instead of looking for it I opted to lay in bed and watch “the miraculous lady bug and cat noir” with Ophian. It was worth it. I dont get that kind of time with him often enough.

Yesterday, no let me back up to friday. On friday we were at league for Ollie, and while I was sitting there watching him bowl, my mother in law and stepfather in law walked in the door. Imagine my surprise since they live in North Carolina. They drove up to check on her sister whom recently suffered a heart attack. After league we went to dinner, which was horrible and ice cold….thanks IHOP! Saturday they did their own thing then sunday we took the kids to a trampoline park close to my house.

Now this trampoline park has many things besides just the standard section with tons of trampolines both the boys favorite thing to do was a gladiator style battle.

American gladiator joust

Ophians skill said autism my ass and kicked everyone’s butt he went up against, losing only twice, with his wins in the double digits. After this we went to mcdonalds then home.

Today was back on track, took Ollie to the bus stop, Oliver took me to the dr. To get my shot of abilify and to see the dr but the appointments were so far apart I had to reschedule the dr appointment for tomorrow at 1220. Oliver went golfing then Ophian and myself got busy on homeschool. Now we are at bowling for Oliver’s league, and I’m trying my hardest to stay awake. Even if Ollie cant!

I’m not sure exactly where we left off before today’s 2 posts but not a whole lot has happened since then that I can think of so I will end this here. And we will start tomorrow new.

Until next time

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