a whirlwind of chaos

wow wow wow what a crazy week it has been. so I last wrote it was a Monday, and as I finally am getting to a new update it is Monday again. Tuesday and Wednesday were pretty uneventful, Thursday was Halloween (as per usual I will update this post with pix after it is posted)

Oliver had to work which means that I had to go to Ollies Halloween parade without him for the first time I know I sound spoiled but I loved the little tradition of going together to Ollies Parade.

my father in law drove me to the school and we watched the parade we didn’t stay the entire time because we left Ophion home so he didn’t have to see any triggering teachers while there. the last thing I needed was a tantrum. so we got back home pretty quickly. Oliver left work early so we could take the kids trick or treating. they had fun doing the neighborhood and got a normal amount of candy for the area and were rather satisfied. Ollie however thinks this was his last year, he just wasn’t feeling it like he usually does. I should quickly mention here that over the last day or two my father in law was showing signs of pain but nothing serious. I try not to baby him, you know how stubborn old Italian men can be.
Friday is when the chaos broke loose, I got Ollie to the bus for school, then went home to start getting ready for my therapy appointment which was scheduled for 9am. every morning after taking Ollie to the bus I talk to my father in law for a little while before heading downstairs well this morning I noticed he looked like the pain was a lot worse so I asked him what was going on and if he wanted us to take him to the hospital. he said yes so I ran to get Oliver told him what we had to do. As my father in law was slowly shuffling around to get ready he sent us to the bank to deposit some money for bills that need to be directly withdrawn, while we were out doing that I received a call from Ollies school. his tooth pain is acting up and I need to go pick him up. at this time we are at the bank and they are refusing to let us deposit cash into my father in laws account, so we left, picked up Ollie and went home. we got everyone ready then we take my father in law to the bank because he refused to let the bills overdraft the accounts…old Italian men and paying additional fees don’t mix. now we are officially on our way to the ER. Oliver drops me and my father in law off and he takes the kids to work since it is 3 minutes down the road to kill time while we wait to see what is going on. we are waiting and then we go through triage pretty quickly, then to the back. they start doing tests including xray and ultrasounds and it turns out to be his gallbladder and he needs surgery in the morning to remove it. I wait till they get him a room upstairs after admitting him then make the trip home.
fast forward to Saturday i’m up at 4 I get the kids and Oliver up at 5 we are at the hospital by 6 surgery is scheduled for 7. the surgery is supposed to last an hour to an hour and a half since his is more complicated due to his gastric bypass surgery and stuff. after 2.5 hours I start to worry and call the hospital to see if he was still in surgery as we had yet to hear anything. they confirmed he is in fact still in surgery which to us was a bad sign. about 45 minutes later one of the nurses said he was almost done. another 45 minutes later the dr came out to tell us what was going on and how it went. turns out it was one of the worst cases this doctor experienced, the gallbladder was so dead and gangrenous the doctor said the tests like the ultrasounds did not do the condition justice.
Saturday, sunday and monday was more of the same, rushing to get to the hospital to visit dad and make sure he is taken care of. through all of this Ollie is still experiencing terrible pain with his tooth that he has a root canal scheduled for so on sunday morning while we were at the hospital visiting dad I took Ollie through the ER really fast (in and out in an hour) they have him on full adult dosage of ibuprofen.

this morning I made all the calls to get him into a new endodontist so we can get this taken care of as soon as possible, and was given an appointment time of 145 tomorrow afternoon. hopefully I can get the referral from his dentist before that. with this appointment it doesn’t look like we will get to see dad tomorrow but I will call and check on him….many times….speaking of which, its time for me to call and check on him so I will end this here.
until next time

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