the movie that started it all!

it’s on! the movie that began this whole blogging journey! the wonderful “Julie & Julia” oh how I love this movie. I think it’s Meryl Streep, i’m drawn to her in whatever she is playing in no matter how good or bad the movie may actually be. anyway, i’m sitting here just in aw of this movie and watching and wishing I could actually be there like its the real thing like Meryl is actually Julia child and I find myself wishing I could be there with her witnessing her genius in action.

ok so back to last night and the crazy emotional rollercoaster that it turned out to be.  After laser tag with the boys they got along for a little bit then started acting up again so I made them go their separate ways. during this time Ollie had multiple meltdowns. he started crying because his brother brought a candy bar for himself but I only brought fruit snacks for him, then he cried because the bowling alley was out of the chocolate chip cookie he wanted then he was crying again and didn’t want to tell me why. After i assured him I wouldn’t be mad, it turns out he hasn’t been bringing home all his homework and lying about what he has to do. then I assured him we would do better with that together. then he was still crying because he was worried that when I get mad at him I don’t love him anymore. it turns out that that is the new thing that kids tease each other with. they tell each other that they are mistakes and that their parents don’t love them which I guess isn’t that new but still, its new to my household. he calmed down just in time to go home and go to sleep. speaking of sleep the boys fighting must’ve worn me out because I slept longer than ollie did this morning.

fast forward a bit today and we went to a different bus stop to help the new girl feel welcome. her mom is one of THOSE moms, perfectly polite and wakes up early and gets everything perfect before walking out the door super sociable etc…so in other words, the opposite of me. I put on a half smile and do my best to be polite but she senses im a fraud and that’s ok by me cuz there is no where I could keep up with her perky pep. I was worried Ollie would forget about the new stop after school, but when he didn’t see me at the old stop he remembered.

Homeschool with Ophion was a breeze, it actually is starting to scare me that his math was the easiest part of the day, I understood it completely and was able to do it with him without any help from google. there were a couple things neither of us wanted to do so as per the wonders of homeschool, we skipped them!

im supposed to be cleaning now but my movie is still on and i’m not feeling the best. my body is still regulating with the meds and sugar changes. but i’ll finish my movie then start laundry and dishes and see how far I get before Oliver gets home.

well I am going to “SAVE THE LIVAAAA” {LIVER} and finish my movie!

until next time

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