Monday night bowling BS!

tonight is league night for Oliver. I want him to have a good time and enjoy the time with him friends, but both boys came with us tonight which means nothing but fighting and fighting and more fighting, Ophion has wanted to come for a couple weeks but I kept putting it off because I was not mentally prepared for both of the kids to come and have to deal with them. this week I caved and said ok. yea, big mistake, huge. they couldn’t even play catch with a soft stuffed ball without hurting each other or just overall going  overboard.  its now 740 and they have to wait until at least 8pm for laser tag because they get double credit for everything after 8.  they are in separate parts of the bowling alley so they don’t ruin their chance of laser tag now and I am finally able to think again because honestly they had me so mad at one point I couldn’t even see straight.

ok so yesterday we were at the bowling alley for over 5 hours so Oliver could get his bowling balls drilled and ready then we stopped and Carl and Ellie’s for a little bit. Oliver was worried about his Carl as he just had hernia surgery and had an infection scare. that trip was cut short as their dogs were a little too wild for  oliver and ollie.  after we left there we stopped at the new wendys had dinner then went home…OH MY GODDESS speaking of food…..the other day when we took Ollie to the dentist we saw a new building being built and its a wawa!!! the closest wawa to us Is only 10 or 15 minutes away but this one will be like 2! it is so exciting!! for those not on the east coast I apologize for my enthusiasm and your lack of understanding said enthusiasm.

today I was doing homeschool with Ophion and he was continuously falling asleep so we cut it short [with the idea of finishing it here at the bowling alley, which I am proud to report , we followed through with],  then when I was reading to Ollie for school work he was falling asleep. idk if im boring them to sleep, my voice is just soothing them, or they are just that tired but we hopefully don’t have that issue tomorrow…..she says while yawning for the millionth time while typing.

rut-roh shaggy…. its 8. time to take the kids to do laser tag. this is a good spot to end this, will finish out the day and write about tomorrow hopefully in another post tomorrow.

until next time


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