Mini tacos and good moods

Today has been an over all good day so far….I am getting glimpses of down moods but nothing over whelming. . I’m in good spirits…..tired, but just enjoying the day over all. I was up a few times through the night then a good bit from 3am till about 5. finally fell back to sleep only to be woken by Ollie, then by Opal so I’m exhausted from the frequent wake ups. today we are at a bowling alley where Oliver’s friend owns the pro-shop. he is getting some balls drilled for Monday nights.  I don’t like all of his friends but this one I love. he is an all around great guy who genuinely cares about everyone. he has a wife that I am not a fan of but that is his cross to bear. Ollie is bowling, getting some practice in while we sit around and wait. I’m hoping in the next couple weeks he will bowl a 200 in league, he’d love that.

Ariel is here with her bf. I should mention her engagement was called off a while back and she is with a new guy. she seems happy, but she seemed happy with her ex as well. hopefully one day our friendship will be better and I’ll know for sure how she’s feeling again.

battery on my laptop is running low so it looks like I will publish here go grab the amazing mini tacos they serve here and relax till we leave maybe read a book or something then post more later…..maybe I will keep blabbing on until the laptop warns me it is about to shut off….no I think we will end it here to save you all from me going on and on.

until next time

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