Monday and Tuesday update

Monday was a bowling night, hubby is takin over for an injured regular for the last few weeks of the season. the night was ok both Ophion and Ollie came with us last night which was a treat because Ophion doesn’t like to go many places.  they were pretty well behaved considering Ophion had a bad day at school and that usually means a bad rest of the day. the night was going along just fine, the kids ate dinner and Ollie ordered a dessert. its a large fresh baked cookie made in and served in a mini cast iron skillet with a couple scoops of vanilla ice cream and whipped cream with chocolate syrup. when it got to the table I noticed the cookie was cooked on the outside but virtually raw on the inside. Ophion he had a couple bites but wasn’t really a fan of it. I on the other hand could not stop eating it and before I knew it, it was all gone. fast forward n hour or so and queue the tummy troubles. hence the reason for the sick post yesterday.

today we had to go to the hospital as I had an emergency dental appointment at 8 to clear outa bit of an infection that developed after an extraction. its not healing properly and the gums are swollen still so they aren’t sure if its my diabetes slowing the process down or if its just taking a while. luckily the infection hadn’t reached the bone like last time or they would’ve had to get real invasive. today I didn’t even need anesthesia. they offered but I declined since I was hungry and wanted to be able to eat after we left.  it wasn’t that bad on the pain scale so I toughed it out.  I came home and had eggs and took a nap. then I had to go pick up an rx for an antibiotic, then we went to ihop. after we ate we had to run to 5  below and get Ollie a new headset for playstation games. while there I found a 300 calorie meal cookbook that looked as though it had potential so hubby bought that for me, even though he wont touch any of the meals I think id enjoy quite a few. we came home and cuddled for a couple hours but now we are sitting here doing our own things together….if that makes sense.

tomorrow is Beltane and I’m trying to think of ways to celebrate that are not the usual dancing or offerings to the fae….if you have any tips or ideas feel free to comment them below. well I think that’s it for now

until next time

and I just realized that tomorrow is gonna be a dark day as it is an abusers birthday so celebrations may be held off or minimal



One thought on “Monday and Tuesday update

  1. Today is a hard day for me, too, since we share an abuser. But I refuse to be held by the ghost of a dead man.
    So! Today is Beltane! Wear something happy, treat yourself, and light a candle for your cat nephew’s ninth birthday.
    Love you. ❤️

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