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today my hubby took me to a few stores to spoil me a bit, as if he doesn’t spoil me on a regular basis. Then we went to get some lunch before getting a bunch of treats for the pooch.

our neighbor down the street whom we have never had contact with previously lost an ID badge a couple months back and I used my google queen title to search for their address to find them. I returned said badge and since then have always done the friendly wave whenever I see them out or around the neighborhood. (the bus stop for Ollie is at their house basically) anyways I was at the bus stop today and the neighbor  was getting rid of a practically brand new bike and spotted me. he asked if we wanted it and I said that’s perfect as Ollie had outgrown his bike and we were debating on getting him a new one this year. the look on Ollies face after school was amazing. he ran over to the neighbor and thanked him immediately.

I made dinner then started playing with the things I bought today. among them were a bag of river rocks that I painted runes on because that is the next aspect of the craft that I want to begin studying.

Ive been working on the facebook group 20181231_1312176969311712431367362.jpg today making plans for weekly and daily posts and activities to get engagement up. including scavenger hunts and such. I kinda want to wait till we get more members so we will see. maybe ill post that the new things are contingent on shares and members. I just hate doing that cuz people don’t want to have to share things on their wall that aren’t theirs or to feel obligated. we will see. well im ready for bed so I will try to write again tomorrow.

until next time



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