Barnes and Noble confusion

Lately I have this habit of waking between 3am and 5am everyday. when I do I look online at different sites and do different things. apparently the other day I ordered stuff off the website of Barnes and Noble and I didn’t even remember.  I got a call that I had a package at home. when I get there and open it its a family calendar and 2 little 4×6 or so notebooks. which I think works perfect. 1 for a travel size BOS, and the other just for Tarot.

Its Thursday my dark day but thanks to my meds I haven’t really been going dark. I do need an increase in my meds I think though as I’ve been getting manic more frequently and spending has been an issue.

i’m hoping that the facebook group takes off soon 20181231_1312176969311712431367362.jpg im going to go on an adding spree on my groups and just accept every request so I have more people to invite. I think it will be a lot of fun once we get in the swing of the challenges and I may even share some of the ideas with another group that got started that I may end up being a moderator for.

Oliver was asked to fill in on a few more Mondays due to one of the regulars being out with an injury. he asked me and I said yes. I love being around those guys they are hilarious and I never really go dark except the one breakdown due to their actions but they know better now.

yesterdays post made  50 posts with wordpress! i’m so proud that I have stuck it out this far and I plan on continuing for a while even if I don’t really have much to discuss. in case you haven’t realized I live a pretty sheltered boring SAHM life.  anyways everyone is filing n so its time to put this away!

until next time.


2 thoughts on “Barnes and Noble confusion

  1. I once got up in the morning and found a heap of groceries on my table – must have gone out the night before to the supermarket in my pj’s and bought the weirdest bunch of stuff I would never normally buy… but I couldn’t remember! That particular episode was thanks to trying out some new meds to combat chronic nerve pain. But oh, yes, I can sympathise with the late night internet shopping and getting odd things in the mail 🤨 hey, congrats on 50 posts! Xx


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