Christmas celebrations

I have been MIA the past week or 2 because I wanted to be fully committed to my family for the holidays. I tend to let myself get wrapped up in my moodiness when I write because once I start it just kinda flows and the moods can shift quickly. I didn’t want to have to hide my emotions.

Christmas eve we spent with Oliver’s mother and step father at my house. the kids got to open all their presents while the prime rib cooked. they were spoiled again even though they didn’t have long lists this year. next year they will be even shorter.  among their favorite things this year was a bean bag chair, blanket, harry potter wizards chess set and cell phones.

Christmas we spent home with Olivers dad and Uncle. I made my famous 20lb lasagna 

AND a large ham butt lol.

my moods have been pretty stable but there had been few days period when I forgot to take my meds so there were a few days that were shifty.

nothing else really has been missed since my last update.

its  new year and that means new things to do. I haven’t decided on my word this year but I may reuse last years since I don’t believe I actually “conquered” it.

I started a facebook group with my sister. “witch b!tches, tarot and more” 
 its  for everything along or adjacent to “the path of the craft”. its a newborn group so it will take some time but I have faith.

ok I am at a bowling tournament and its loud and busy my anxiety is climbing by the pinfall so I am going to end this here and pop on an audio book.

until next time!


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