my Opal baby

My Opal baby is struggling with, what I believe to be, arthritis. She has been struggling to get up after resting and walking is getting to be a challenge at first. once she is up and moving for a bit she seems ok but getting to that point is rough right now. It kills me to see her in pain.

Both boys are successfully off to school finally. I had to forge some of the note since it only covered 2 of the 3 days he missed.

I didn’t dream I was pregnant last night….at least I don’t think I did. I don’t remember dreaming last night at all. so I need to figure out what it means. I need to also do my daily tarot cards. as a matter of fact please hold while I quickly do just that.

energy: 7/wands

gratitude: X

Time to work those out. well gratitude is pretty easy to work out but energy will take some thinking.

My sister is dealing with way too much loss recently. Way more than any one person can handle. I wish I could take all that pain away but she seems to be dealing with it….for now.  At least far better than I would. I keep all my prayers for her right now just to get her through the pain.

I have a lot of errands and grocery shopping to do today and that excites me more than normal because yesterday my pet cam came in. So while shopping I will be able to check on my  Opal baby, and talk to her.

welp hubby wants to start moving so that’s what we are gonna do!

until next time


One thought on “my Opal baby

  1. Believe me, I’ve been crying a lot this year. My grandfather in September, Daddy two weeks ago, Ariadne yesterday.
    2019 will be better. We will make it so.


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