One in one still out

Todays daily tarot seem odd to me….. my energy for the day was Ace of wands, and my gratitutde for the day was the Death card. I’m still trying to work them out because I’m so new to the tarot aspect of everything.

I keep having dreams that I am pregnant….three days in a row. I’m trying to work that one out too. I know 3 people that are pregnant right now I know one who just had a baby this week, hopefully the answer comes to me soon.

the kids are doing pretty well in school, Ophion made the honor roll and Ollie’s school just switched to this new report card system where instead of grades in each class they now have these scaled progress responses. like 5-10 or so for each class for a total of like 80. most of his were approaching expectations and only a couple needs improvement so his was probably equivalent to mostly Bs and Cs with a couple Ds which considering how much he dislikes homework and reading isn’t too bad.

Opal is having pain issues in her legs and I am assuming that its arthritis. we got her some glucosamine so hopefully it helps her. Seeing her limping around is torture.

I’m watching “legacies” and this episode has me bawling. anything with a mom and sadness means extra tears for me.

I’ve gotta get Ollie from the bus soon, maybe more later.

until next time


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