a new day, another day off school

I swear if my kids ever made it to school for a full week I don’t know what I’d do. It’s such a hard thing to accomplish lately. Ophion swears his throat still hurts too bad and Ollie may have pink eye this time. Usually it’s just irritated like crazy and red this time it has some discharge so  both boys have to stay home till they see the dr. Luckily it’s literally across the street in the cul-de-sac with only one house separating us.

Oliver didn’t get home as late as I figured he would he was home around 11, drunk of course, waking me up because he didn’t know where his laptop was. Because gambling while drunk is apparently his idea of a smart thing to do. Whatever I’m over it…sort of. Then of course I fall back to sleep for an hour or so then Ollie woke me up cuz his eye was gunked shut. After that I was up for the day, so my day started at 330am! How about yours?

Last night my mother in law and I went back and forth trying to get everything on amazon for Christmas. This is gonna be such a small Christmas compared to years in the past because they are finally at that age where a million things under the tree isn’t necessary. Both are pretty electronic dependent so their Christmas is gonna consist of cell phones, books, clothes, and gift cards. maybe a toy or two but that’s pretty much it this year. We are pretty blessed that they have just about everything they like already so buying is near impossible and I don’t have any room for more crap in this house. Their toys already take up 3 rooms in this house……yes THREE ROOMS!!! just of their crap. 80% of it they haven’t touched in over a year and 50% of that in probably 2 or more years.

Well it sounds like everyone is waking so I guess its time to get off here.

until next time!


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