Cleaning spree and mood swings

So today was the first time in months I managed to actually clean the house. I got my room, the boys room and the bathroom done.  Tomorrow I tackle the living room, dining room, kitchen, and my desk/vanity area.

I should’ve taken before pictures to show how out of hand it was with the depression amd everything screwing me over but the boys room you couldnt walk in or see the beds. Between everything being thrown in there amd Mt WashMore it was insane. 

Pixelized for identity protection

There is more to their room but first I need to take the laundry and other stuff out and hang their clothes back up.

Oliver is supposed to bowl a tournament of sorts after work tomorrow and is already plotting a way to go alone. Well that means hes planning on getting shit faced and doesnt want any shit for it. It figures he’d do  it now too it’s how he operates. 

Whenever he has to step up and actually handle the majority of things at home because I’m too sick….. the moment I am better he blows off steam by getting drunk. Every fucking time.  Which is why as I previously said he’s not actually trying to recover from his addiction. 

He made a snide comment tonight about how everyone thinks hes gonna drink and whatever I dont remember how he worded it and the sarcasm he used would just get lost in translation but he pissed me off and I’ve been in C U Next Tuesday  mode ever since. 

Boys are actually sleeping in their room for the first time in probably 3+ months. And so far there has been NO FIGHTING!! Which is a miracle itself. 

1st day of school 2018 throwback

Oliver is snoring me crazy so I’m gonna try to sleep so I dont hear it. Sorry to cut this short

Until next time.

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