A small glimpse at the disaster

So for those of you lovely readers who are new, I am Ophelia Jones* 31, and I suffer from many things…mentally I have bipolar 2, generalized and social anxiety disorders, PTSD, ADHD, depression and the dr said possibly borderline personality disorder, we are looking into it.  So all of these things have made the day to day things quite impossible. Well unless I am manic, then i get so much done that it’s crazy. I recently, well i cant say recently cuz it was the end of October…..anyway…..the end of October brought a very severe depression that I am still trying to fully recover from. My house has been in such disarray that I am finally starting to work on it. Yesterday was the first time I actually cleaned any room fully let alone 3 rooms in probably 3 months. Now today the plan is to finish the house. However here is a small glimpse of what I am dealing with….

This is everything I took out of the boys room while cleaning it yesterday besides the 8…yes that says EIGHT, garbage bags of papers, empty packaging from toys etc. 

These are the boys clothes that I still need to hang in their closet but that is more than likely gonna turn into the boys job. 

The kitchen is the worst room the counters and stuff are clean but the dishes….all need to be washed. Yes that says All. It’s the chore I hate most so it always gets put off till last and by the time I get myself to do it it’s because we have no dishes left. Dont worry it’s not like I have overflowing piles of food covered dishes…no all dishes are rinsed and sort of prewashed after use.  

Anyways back to the brush up for the newbies…

I have 2 lovely boys 

Ophion* is 12 and is my autism guide…aspergers. 

Ollie* is 9 soon to be 10, and a typical gamer junkie. 

My husband Oliver* (40) and I have been together for 13 rollercoaster years. Hes an amazing man but is 50/50 between amazing and completely clueless sometimes. He has always supported my mental issues so maybe it’s more like 60/40. 

We live in New Jersey for now, but eventually plan to move to North Carolina. 

Welp, I think that’s about it for this post it’s almost 7 so im going to make some tea and get started on this disaster zone

Until next time

One thought on “A small glimpse at the disaster

  1. I can so relate to souch of this. I applaud your foray into the deep and wish I could be there to help you. Not sure how much help I’d be, but at least there’s be another body there. Hugs and love flying! Ilu! E


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