Dr report

so I went to the Dr yesterday cuz the coughing blood had me pretty freaked out.  Turns out it was more than likely caused from a nose bleed I had had earlier in the day. She believes with all the post nasal drip gunk a small amount of blood went with it and so it wasn’t quite the same thing as actually coughing up blood.  for all the symptoms I have I was given 3 Rx. a nasal spray, Claritin (which I don’t understand as it is an allergy medication…guess I’ll have to actually research why this got prescribed especially since my children’s Dr always prescribes it when they are sick) and of course the normal Z-pack. Lets see how this stuff helps….I still have no voice and it doesn’t help that I’m not able to rest it.

So I’ve been studying Tarot a lot lately and its still bothering me that it can be so subjective. I’m struggling a bit with weaving the story together so I am going to restart slowly this time. Instead of jumping right into a giant double digit spread, I’m going to go with 1-6 card spreads for a while.  Tonight is Thursday which as you know is usually my dark day. So I will be bringing my cards and practicing the storytelling. I’m going to draw a card then set a timer and I am going to create a story from what I see in that card. hopefully at the end of the 20 minutes I have the story. Then I am going to do it again and again until I’m more confident in the cards and storytelling.

My meds have been working pretty well, I haven’t been able to work on my “homework” of self care considering everyone was sick and now Its just Oliver and I that cant get through it. I go back for a med check and therapy next month, hopefully she adjusts my meds a little bit so I can get to where I was before the other health crap made me have to stop taking them. it was a struggle to remember to take the meds during the day even with TWO DIFFERENT REMINDERS SET!! So now I take them before I go to bed and I haven’t missed a single dose, which is a miracle if you know me IRL.

Ok so I have been digging into the craft quite a bit and I realized that even though Wicca is usually light some of the people can be rude and snobbish, so I have decided to go solitary as opposed to coven. So officially I guess I would be a Solitary Eclectic Wiccan. I love too many aspects of Wicca to narrow it down to a certain area. My BOS has everything in it that I have found interesting and will get a lot more when I get ink for my printer and can smashbook style the whole thing. I use a notebook for notes. I write everything in the notebook first after I research it then have a running list of things to research and add later, then I transfer it when I find a site that fits in with what I feel and believe works.

ok time got away from me and I have to start waking everyone for showers, breakfast and school.

until next time (which may be tonight at the lanes)


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