Monday bowling and very painful laryngitis

today is Monday and hubby  is subbing again for his best friends team. I should not have came with but I wanted out of the house and now I am in worse pain than I have been the past couple of days. the pain is so bad I gag every time I try to swallow because my body knows how bad it will hurt. I;m fighting the tears and trying to hide the pain from Oliver and both the kids so that don’t realize just how bad it is and so I don’t piss Oliver off because he needs to focus on bowling not me being in pain. I told him the other night I wanted to go to the ER, and he responded with…”its a sore throat” so I played it off like it was no big deal….earlier today it wasn’t too bad maybe that medicine I’ve been taking is doing better than I thought it was. I know if it stays this bad I’ll be at my Doctors door as soon as it opens in the morning. this is ridiculous.

Ophion decided to come with us tonight. usually he wants nothing to do with this stuff so I was excited he came. he did his homework early on then played with his toys a bit, now he is off in the corner on the chrome book doing who knows what. I love when he comes cuz I can show off my handsome 12 yr old who is ginormous hahaha. everyone I used to work with is always blown away by how big he is every time they see him since it is usually years in between visits. He just turned 12 and I’m sure I’ve mentioned stands 5ft 7 or more and weighs about 160. I haven’t worked here since I was pregnant with him so most of the people are gone now but there are a few who remain.

so I just popped another chloraseptic lozenge and absolutely no relief was granted to me. I think I’m going to cut this short and pout in pain.

until next time










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