Getting sick sucks.

So I’m starting to catch whatever illness has been making it way through my house in recent weeks. I didnt think I was gonna catch this one but sure enough, i feel it starting in my nose and throat.

Today was a good day I think. Well there was an incident at therapy. The waiting room was packed and I walk in and a man says hello to me I said hi back and walked to the window to cHeck in…. then after seeing how many people were there i hid in the hallway to avoid the crowd. The man who said hi then walked to the window to ask some lame ass question just so he could see where I was because I was around the corner. He then approached and started immediately hitting on me. Telling me I walk and look like a super model….I’m 5ft 6 and 250lbs I couldnt walk like a supermodel if I tried, I fucking waddle like a penguin. So he spent 10 minutes hitting on me while I tried to reign in my anxiety and not show how uncomfortable I was. I repeatedly mentioned my husband so he would get the hint and leave, finally he understood but stayed closely and kept an eye on me while he talked to someone who he knew already. 20181207_100326


So at therapy this morning I was given Self-care as homework till my next appointment in January. I dont even truly understand what that means but I’ll figure it out.

We almost got in an accident after we picked Ophion up from school. Some lady pulled out in front of us and I mean right in front of us as we are going at least 40mph.

I started to freak out when I went to pick Ollie up from the bus….he was 20 minutes late and I didnt know where he was…turns out the bus broke down before it got the kids so he was late picking them up.

Tonight I made appetizers for dinner….potato skins, mozzarella stix, mac n cheese bites, mini tacos….it was a hit.

I found my favorite game of all time and bought and downloaded it to my laptop. It’s called “fairy godmother tycoon” and I remember it all like I just played yesterday rather than the actual 13 yrs it’s been. haha.

Well everyone is heading to bed20181207_213641

and my phone is about to die as I type this so I better take all my meds grab my night guard and sign off for the night!

Until next time



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