blogging while watching vlogs.

So this morning I am going to post while I enjoy a quiet morning to myself watching vlogs. The kids are at school, hubby is at the mechanic shop getting the truck checked out, and Opal is sleeping on the couch next to me.

Lets see….where should I begin? Last night was Monday, and hubby had to sub on a different friends bowling team. We were still right next to the guys who he usually bowls with so I sat with them and Ollie ran around with a friend from school.

well that didn’t take nearly as long as I thought, Oliver is back from the mechanic. I just cooked him breakfast and while he eats I will type.

ok back to last night, Ollie brought his fluffy slime bucket to the bowling alley and I brought my shiny new laptop. I watched an episode of the Originals then worked a little in my Book of Shadows. I’m in the process of changing over everything in it from pencil to pen. I wanted to do it all in pencil, because pencil is closer to nature than a pen is….wood from a tree, graphite from the earth, etc… but because of my terrible south-paw handwriting and smearing it looked awful.  I’m thinking of making it smash-book style but I’m not sure yet. Anyway, after I did a little in my BOS I just hung out with all the guys. I was only poked a couple times, once from each of them and then they stopped. I love that they acknowledged my condition and honored my wishes. It just proves how awesome they are. Speaking of BOS, I have a coloring book planner coming from Amazon, Coloring Book of Shadows: Planner for a magical 2019. Im pretty excited and am interested in seeing what I can do with it.

Im slightly scatter brained right now so sorry if I am jumping from subject to subject. my ADHD makes me try to express 50 different things at one time so I never have clear focus on a single subject…..there are always 49 more bubbling at the surface.

Saturday night my mom lost her brother in law, that is to say her boyfriends brother. I never met him but I love his family, and its a tremendous loss. I just recently got word that my sister lost her father this morning. I only remember meeting him once, it was at my father and step moms wedding, I believe, when I was a kid. But I know a lot of the times I heard what a good guy he was, so that is the info I will go with. I’m sorry he was lost and I mourn for my sisters loss.

Sunday Oliver bowled a tournament with some of my favorite people on the planet then we went for hibachi…I couldnt finish it all so I finished it last night before we went to the bowling alley.


Today happens to be my god daughters 18th birthday… hard to believe. I mean I cant really call her my god daughter because I have missed out on many experiences with her and most of her life. we live over 800 miles apart and I don’t do well with keeping in contact with anyone back home. I try to but I just feel like a burden and figure if anyone actually wanted to talk to me then they would call and talk to me. of course I know the whole its a two way street thing but like I said my feelings don’t let that happen.

so I’ve been getting earaches and headaches like crazy. I’m talking multiple times daily. and I am happy to report that the Dr. found the cause. Teeth clenching. we don’t know why I am doing it in my sleep but she believes its my TMJ and I find I do it A LOT during the day as well without realizing it or knowing why. So at night I have to sleep with a mouth guard in which isn’t as bad as it was when I was a kid. Maybe I will get the surgery done I was supposed to get in 2004 to the very day. (I remember because it was scheduled for my god daughters birthday, but it ended up being the day I moved to Jersey.)

well I think that is all for now I think….hopefully im back in the swing of daily updates.

until next time


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