sort of back at it

ok so where to begin…. it has been a while since ive done an update and im honestly not sure what we covered in the last real post….pause while i go check….oooooooooh yea. that would be why i dont remember. i blocked it out. the last major post was november 13th and it was a dark night. major anxiety and panic attack. ok so since then i dont remember everything but there has been some darkness, but also some light. i have been put back on my zoloft and abilify so hopefully i start feeling better soon. i was planning on picking up where i left off but my mind is a blank as to everything that i have done since the last post. i do know it was about a week before i went outside in public after the panic attack on november 13th. most people dont realize how severe anxiety disorders can be.
ok so starting over today is a new day. i got my christmas present from my mom today, it is this amazingly sleek new laptop that i am currently typing on. Oliver has one coming this week too.  im hitting a brick wall and have suddenly become to exhausted to type….I will try again tomorrow.

until next time



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