Finding my way

Ok, so I’m still struggling slightly with finding my place in this world. However I have taken some steps in a direction that I believe will bring me some grounding. I’ve tried in the past while growing up, but this particular path was frowned upon and not permitted in my mothers home. I will still be keeping it all under wraps for now but I am looking forward to this life long journey. 

Today I was able to witness some beauty outside in the form of a gorgeous sunset. Though the pictures do not do it justice as we were on a fast paced roadway and it was raining. 

Today was a day of research, tomorrow I have my first therapy appointment in over a year, then some errands. 

Oliver, Ollie and I went to CiCis for dinner as I was craving it for some reason amd we scored bonus points as kids 9 and under eat free on tuesdays! I ate an obscene amount, as did Oliver…Ollie didnt eat as much but seeing as his was free it didnt bother me too much. 

  Ophion wanted to stay home with his pop-pop so we let him. It’s not often he joins us….with his autism he prefers the confines of home and avoids the bright busy lights and crowds of public places. He will have to go everywhere with us tomorrow since his pop-pop has his own things to be doing, and I’m sure that will cause a minor meltdown that I’ll have to manage.

 I’ve noticed such behavior and attitude changes in him since he is entering the puberty stages of pre-teen hell! Like to the point I need to look Into something like behavioral therapy for him or something. If anyone has any thoughts on that feel free to let me know! 

Ok well i would like to get more research done and possibly some online purchases so I will end here….sorry for the short and suddenly ended post today. Will make it up soon! 

Until next time

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