Another lazy day

I swear lazy days are becoming the norm for me when I’m in recovery mode.

I woke up and went with hubby to pay a few bills, then we grabbed Dunkin donuts for breakfast. I’m scarily addicted to the vanilla and chocolate cream donuts, which are filled with and topped with this amazing buttercream type frosting.

Dunkin vanilla cream donut

After we ate Oliver went to lay down, Ollie went to play playstation 4 with his friends. (he swears he is a God among men….hes 9 and plays with kids ranging from 8 yrs old to adults probably Oliver’s age. Sometimes he even plays against his friends dads!)

Ophion played on his chromebook…a school grant at his middle school qualified them to have enough chromebooks for every student to use for the school year, so they all basically keep theirs all year and hand them back at the end of the year. How amazing is that?!? Where I grew up our schools barely had enough books for everyone! Anyways, so while everyone was off doing their own thing I settled in and got netflix fired up and began watching…..yup you guessed it, “The Originals”.

I got three or so episodes in and decided Oliver had the right idea. So I went to lay down and try to nap. I plug my phone in to charge, the clock read 12pm which means I had plenty of time to catch a good nap before I had to start getting ready for the night at the bowling alley.

I no sooner fall asleep when I feel my shoulder being jostled and there stands Ophion…”mom I’m hungry” DAMNIT!!! OMG THIS CANT BE HAPPENING!! I then began to have tears streaming down my face out of the clear blue as I trudge along to the kitchen and start making his lunch. I hadn’t realized how tired I was and how desperately I needed that nap until I couldnt have it. So he starts to eat and I wait because I cant go lay back down while he eats in case he chokes or something….he finishes I go lay back down….then Ollie began asking me questions I snap at him to ask me later….then the dog starts…. I give up. I look at the clock its after 2…I’d have to get up soon anyway so I stay up and start to get ready.

Now I’m cranky on top of my recovery mood which is negative to begin with, Oliver starts being a pest and making me blow up then he says something that makes me lose my mind with laughter and all is forgiven….for now, I’m sure he will piss me off later.

Then it’s off to the bowling alley. Where he has to sit is way far from the table I’m at…see it’s raining and the ground by me is wet every where from people coming in and out. So to avoid getting his bowling shoes wet he has to sit far from me. Ollie and his friend are off playing so I sit alone no one to talk to and my mind started to wander.



My mind began going dark so I jumped on here I guess to prevent the darkness from consuming me. I know as soon as I finish here and I sit here doing nothing it will return, so I have to hope my battery which sucks and is at 53% will hold out long enough for me to fake being busy. I could browse Facebook or continue reading the ebook “little women” that I have on here, or check a few blogs out….whatever.

Oh oh oh….before I forget. Today I discovered a thing that I didnt know was a thing that I should’ve known was a thing….white elephant gifts?!? I knew there was things such as gag gifts but never knew the extent of these “dad joke” type things. I’m gonna include a few screenshots from my browsing earlier



Some have some vulgar humor but that’s kinda my style sometimes.

Anyways, I think I’ve dragged this on long enough….

Until next time


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