Untitled mess

(Beware typos from wireless keyboard with dying batteries)


today started quiet enough, then the workers came for the floors. It got loud, fast. Before the workers even stepped foot in the house my FiL had an argument with them. After working out whatever issues they had the work began and noise is not the word to describe it. They had to disconnect the water line to the fridge for the ice maker and they had to disconnect the gas line to the stove both of which are somewhere downstairs in our section of the house. Luckily I pulled a quick clean up last night before I went to bed or I would’ve been pissed and highly embarrassed.

We had no idea where the gas line to his stove was and we figured it was with the main gas line which is in my wall in the living room behind a large mirror that is clipped to the wall. I had to take that mirror down and that was a chore on its own because Oliver is completely useless when it comes to any form of manual labor, and anything involving tools so I had to kick him out of the way cuz it just wasn’t working with his help. Turns out that it wasn’t there so we went back on the hunt, we finally figured it out, it was in the utility room where I keep all the storage crap like old clothes and toys and such. It is also where we had an issue with mice getting in through the hole where the sump pump goes so I had to keep an eye out while he was poking around in there….luckily it’s been about a year since we had any issues and happy to report there wasn’t anything today and all the mouse traps were still set.

So they shut off what they need to shut off, Oliver gets in the shower to go to the bowling tournament, Ollie is complaining that he doesn’t wanna go. (Of course I need him to go to be the eyes and ears that I can’t be, so I convince him to go ) They leave so Ophion and I start watching the shows we like watching together then he puts a movie on he wanted me to watch with him. Through all this the ups are upstairs banging and and tearing stuff up and nailing things down. At one point my FiL tells me about another issue they are having in his bathroom. They believe the tile runs under the counter and tub so they “can’t take the tile out, they have to just lay the other flooring on top of it” of course my FiL doesn’t question it just makes sure that they are going to take some money off the bill for the change in plans.

Some more time passes and the guy comes back down to turn everything back on. Then they finish up and head out. I went upstairs to help my FiL put all the furniture and stuff back where it goes and dust off all the furniture which probably had 3 years worth of dust built up on it. While doing all this I came across a giant puddle coming from under the fridge which made me think they screwed something up when they turned everything on and moved it all so I had to pull out the fridge while worrying about ruining the brand new flooring they just did, so I could check the water line and see where the leak was coming from. I didn’t find anything so I just wiped it all up and put the fridge back, there hasn’t been any issues since then so I am assuming that it was just from them moving the fridge and the line clearing itself out.

Oliver and Ollie are on their way and Oliver tells me how Ollie was miserable all day, he wouldn’t eat or drink and just sat there with his head down. When they got home Ollie went straight to sleep in my room without so much as turning the tv on. They brought food home from wawa and I was so disappointed with it that I actually left a complaint with them.


It’s about 2 hours later as I type this and Oliver just woke up Ollie to have him have some water so he doesn’t dehydrate. He just ate a little bit, like 4 or 5 bites of food and has gone back in my room either to watch videos on his iPad or to lay down.

I’m watching taken 3 which always makes me cry because (spoiler alert) any movie where the mom dies, makes me cry! My mom is literally my best friend and anytime I see something negative happen to a mother it makes me think of her and how I would feel if I lost her and that makes me lose my mind.

Anyway, I think I am going to end here but I may either add to this later or make an additional post later. I’ve noticed at night that I end up having some random thoughts I want to share but never do then I end up forgetting about it. So


until next time



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