Cancelled plans, poor pooch and a Halloween grinch!

Today did not start as planned, at all. We were gonna take a little road trip with Opal while the workers were here redoing my FILs floors but the workers cancelled with some excuse about the materials. The road trip we were gonna take with Opal was cancelled because who we were gonna visit changed plans.

Oliver and I decided to take a nap although I think I fell asleep and he was stuck awake while everyone kept pouring in the birthday love.

We went to the parade at Ollie’s school….there were a lot more repeat costumes this year than normally but a few stand out, there was a bunch of those inflatable costumes….but the cutest was probably a kindergartner, in an inflatable godzilla!! There was one girl dressed as Steve Urkel and it was adorable. There was another girl idk exactly what she was but she was a doll! It was like a Greek goddess, Cleopatra, angel type outfit, and a silver mini harp type thing….idk I’ll have to look it up and see if I can find it

This thing haha. Then of course there were miserable fucking clowns! I swear clowns should never have existed! Other than that I didnt see too many interesting or one of a kind costumes….but I did go live on Facebook for everyone to see.

After the parade we went over to Ophions school to pick him up. Oliver needed cigarettes because of course Mr no will power started smoking again. So we stopped at rite aid and found they have a bunch of dog treats for $1.00 so we spoiled Opal today.

Even got her mini tacos!

I waited for Ollie to get off the bus then we came home and I made some chicken for Opal..while that was in the oven, she got another bad cramp in her leg and was screaming and hollering. Oliver ran off to get away and Ollie came in trying to help bit because she is in so much pain with those I had to make sure he stayed away just to be safe. I’m gonna get her to the vet for it next week because I cant let this keep happening.

After the cramp passed I finished the chicken then set it out to cool while we took the kids trick or treating. My neighborhood, as beautiful and friendly as it is, sucks for halloween! There arent many houses that pass out candy and even less children that actually go out. We did our usual 3 or 4 blocks, but On the last block Ollie got upset and came crying to me saying he doesnt want to trick or treat anymore, I could tell by the way he said it something upset him so i asked him and he said the woman just called him ugly…now hes wearing a mask so she couldnt have meant him, she must’ve meant his costume but hes my sensitive soul and didnt care what she meant, he took it personally.  I wanted to go up there and cuss the grinch out but Oliver said an Inappropriate joke about her age and time left on earth that made me forget about going up to her. So we headed for home…

Beautiful colors in my neighborhood
Ophion is a voodoo witch doctor, Ollie is a skull trooper from the video game Fortnite
Shattered Mommy, Ophelia Jones, after a long night!

Once we got home I shredded some chicken for Opal, put the rest away, made Chicken voila for Ophions dinner, heated up left over mac N cheese for Ollie, then made steaks and mashed potatoes for Oliver and I for his birthday dinner. Yes I made 4 different dinner options tonight.

After dinner I went through and checked all the candy. I started a new thing where every 4 pieces of candy the kids didnt like or want would earn them $1.00. This serves a few purposes, 1.) It gets them to eat less candy 2.) Gets me and Oliver some candy with out sneaking it 3.) Teaches them to sacrifice on a minimal, painless level.

It is now 930, the boys need to go to bed and I need to lay down because this shadow headache is kicking my ass.

Oh on a bright note, I recieved a call for Dr. Douche-canoes office, my blood work came back and over all it was a good report! My liver results came back normal for a change, my diabetes is pretty controlled, my cholesterol is high like always but will hopefully improve with continued weight loss. Anyway…

Until next time!

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