Doctor douche-canoe

Today kinda flew by and I didnt really notice until it was time for the kids to go to bed. 

It started with getting the boys off to school. Then I had to do poo patrol and bag up and throw away all of Opals messes in the back yard since my lawn guys were down the street and I forgot they were coming to cut our lawn.

Then I went to my gastroenterologist for my 3 month check up. A gastroenterologist, might I add, that gave my son panic attacks for a month! For future reference  doctor douche-canoe, next time maybe you shouldnt tell a patient in front of their child that they are gonna die. That may not be the appropriate time or way to pass along that information. Just sayin. So my blood pressure was crazy low for me. It was 103/99 and my pulse was 79. I have high blood pressure that my primary is constantly yelling at me about so I dont know if it was cuz I hadn’t eaten yet or of it was inaccurate before she left my long baggy shirt in the way but it was a new thing for me that’s for sure. Anyway, I gotta call in the morning to set up another 3 month follow up…..oh joy. 

We went to taco bell for lunch because Oliver wanted to go to the golf course across the street and hit a bucket of balls at the driving range. He ended up wasting half the balls because it was beyond cold here this morning and he wanted to get us out of there. 

We came home and got in bed and cuddled for a bit and tried to take a nap but we were interrupted in every possible way. Including Opal getting a terrible cramp in her leg and her rolling on the ground screaming and crying and yelping for a good 2-3 minutes until it finally passed. Even with me rubbing it out it still lasted quite a while. Oliver couldnt handle it so he walked into the other room till it passed. 

Ok so a little insight into my house, it is a ranch style home with a fully finished basement (2 bedrooms, utility room, bathroom, what I refer to as the broiler room, living room, dining room, and kitchen- yes having 2 kitchens in the house is amazing during the holidays!!). My father in law lives upstairs in the house and we have the basement. We were upstairs originally but after Ophion started running around we came downstairs so my FIL wasnt constantly hearing the pitter patter of running feet. Anyway, my FIL has decided he wants to have his kitchen and bathroom floors redone and the men are supposed to be here early in the AM to begin. So I helped him after dinner to clear out the kitchen of the table and things he had in there that needed to be removed and same in the bathroom it was at this point….at 730 PM, that I realized with them coming to do the floors, that his bathroom will be out of commission for the day and he will have to use mine. Then on top of that I realized that means all the workers that will be here will have to use mine as well. Now as you read I was recently fighting a depression and I have yet to get the motivation to clean…well that changed tonight! I sent everyone to bed at 9:30pm and got started right away. I have a mountain of laundry in the hallway that I will throw into my room in the morning, I did the bathroom, living room, dining room, and most of the kitchen….when all was said and done I had 6 or 7 bags of garbage/recycling! That brought me to 11ish and now here I am with my amazing Opal in bed with me. (Since I figured I’d be up late still cleaning I let Ollie sleep in my bed and I took the spare on the floor which is special for Opal cuz she gets to sleep with me lol)

Tomorrow will be a loud day with them tearing up the floors and laying the new ones so we are planning a day trip after the kids go to school. Oliver and I will take Opal with us for the day to keep her away from all the chaos. 

We have a ton of things for tomorrow, its Oliver’s birthday, Ollie’s parade at school and trick or treating. So we have to take the trip early, get back by like 130, drop off Opal since dogs arent allowed on school property, find an impossible parking spot at the school, watch the parade at 2, go pick up Ophion at school at 250, wait for Ollie to get home from the bus at 340, figure out all the costume crap, go trick or treating, around 6, come home make dinner or maybe I’ll make it before we go trick or treating and then try to celebrate Oliver’s birthday.  Now that I’m looking at it all, and noticing it is 12:30 already,  I’m realizing I should be getting to sleep.

Until next time

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