Netflix, migraines and wrestling

Not much to report today but I wanted to jump on here anyway just so I can build the habit. 
I am still pretty drained and “lazy”. I watched more of “The Originals” on Netflix and lounged around. I got a nasty migraine that lasted most of the late afternoon till almost 7pm. 

Happy to report I am witnessing a minor win for women in the sports entertainment world, in the form of the first ever all womens wrestling pay per view! I know it sounds lame but professional wrestling is an important thing to Oliver and Ollie so I play along a bit. 

Opal hasn’t really been herself for a few days, I may have to take her to the vet this week even though that is an expense we really dont need right now. She is part of the family though so she is worth it and will receive anything she needs!
Well tomorrow start the new busy week and I have lots to do during school weeks and lots of early mornings so I’ll end here.

Until next time

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