Errands, bowling and booze.

Today was a bit more lively.  Went with Oliver to the chiropractor, since he has been waking up each morning with a slightly more stiff neck than the day before we wanted to get it taken care of before he was completely unable to move. 

We went to chilis for lunch…..I love the options on the 3 for $10 menu. I always end up taking half of it home, and most of the chips and salsa that I get free for being a rewards member. 

We came home for a bit to wind down and let Opal out and to ease her mind. She hates when I leave her. Part of me loves that she is so attached but sometimes it is quite the pain in the ass. 

We picked the boys up from school early since we had a few more things to get done and it was all thing out of town that put getting back in time to get them in jeopardy. 

1st we had to get all 3 of them haircuts. Ophion of course didnt like the idea since he usually only let’s me cut his hair, but I finally got him settled and explained that I dont have time to do it and he needs it really bad. 

Then we had to get to the halloween store, why? Because its Monday and halloween is wednesday and Ophion still didnt have his costume. So we went and grabbed the couple things he needed to make his voodoo witch doctor/ dr Facilier costume. They were out of the necklace we needed to get but we made what they had work. 

Between hair cuts and costumes we spent over $100 so instead of doing any more errands we decided to just say screw it that’s enough money spent today we will do the rest tomorrow while the kids are in school. 

Now we are at the bowling alley cuz Oliver is subbing in a league with one of his best guy friends. Ophion stayed home with his pop-pop, and I’m enjoying a nice adult beverage called the boarding pass while Ollie plays quietly on his ipad.

Another friend who is subbing on the team just arrived and sent Ollie running for the hills with the overpowering aroma of pot! Hey I’m all for the legalizing but holy shit balls calm down or figure out a way not to kill everyone around you with the smell!! 

Anyways….when we arrived at the bowling alley tonight there was a beautiful rainbow above it. Ollie said it’s the most beautiful one hes ever seen and I kinda agree. It was pretty prominent and lasted quite a while before we had to go inside. 

Ok, I have caught u up on where time stands for the day,

Until next time.

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