Mellow moods, greasy foods.

Today was a pretty relaxing day. Hubby (Oliver*) took the oldest (Ophion*) to school, while I walked the youngest (Ollie*) down to the bus stop, after which we ran to the grocery store to get a few groceries so the house wasn’t completely empty of food for the weekend. After that we ran to walmart to get the dog (Opal*) some food, then dollar tree to get her a few treats.  Hubby treated me to mcdonalds for breakfast so I wouldn’t have to cook since he knows I’m still not back to my better self yet. After those few errands we came home and cuddled in bed until it was time for him to go pick up Ophion* from school. He took him to work with him then I went to grab Ollie* from the bus stop. After we got home Ollie* went to play video games and I watched the premiere of “Legacies” on the CW, which in turn made me decide to FINALLY start watching “The Originals” on Netflix. (Can’t believe it has taken me this long to start the series!) That was pretty much all I did for the next few hours besides making some chicken in the oven so it is ready to be heated up whenever someone gets hungry. Opal* hasn’t been feeling her best today she’s been really attached yet seemingly ill….so I’m keeping a close eye on her lovely face as much as possible. Flash forwards a few more hours and hubby is home from work with Burger King as a surprise. (It’s a wonder my skin isn’t completely shot with all this greasy food lately) It is now close to 9pm and I am somewhat patiently waiting for the moment I can finally call it quits for the night. I know the amount of actual adulting wasn’t very much, but I am so drained lately. Even though my depression and anxiety and such was probably only at a 4 today, I feel like I went 10 rounds with Muhammad Ali.

So I know today was pretty lame, (but I had to write something so I stay in the habit of writing notes here everyday) honestly this whole weekend probably will be since Oliver* has to work all weekend, but I will try to have something interesting to write about, like some back story or something if nothing else.


until next time!

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