Try, try again.

At least 3 times a year I get this idea in my head to start a blog. Usually its after watching Julie & Julia.Screenshot_20181024-222609_Google

I’ve tried so many times over the years but always end up deleting it and forgetting about it until the next time I watch the movie.  This time however, I’m starting this for multiple reasons

  1.  I’ve become slightly obsessed with my big sisters blog
  2. My depression is kicking my ass and I need an outlet 
  3. I need an anonymous way to open up
  4. I need a safe space outside my head

Now I know the last 3 all kinda sound like the same thing but trust me when I say they are definitely not.

This blog will pretty much be anonymous. I’ll be using fake names for all of us mentioned and I am hoping privacy remains respected if you figure out who I am, or who anyone I mention is.

I’ve now wasted far too much time trying to figure out how to work this site, and am waaaay past my bedtime.

Until next time.

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